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Jasper Road

The Pillow Picnic

By Jyselle

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Rug, check. Wine, check. Candles, check. “This Present Darkness” by Frank E. Peretti, check. Mum, check. Pillows, check. A beautifully secluded mountain-side grassy patch with a breathtaking view…well, not yet—but little did we know, that’s what we’d find.

Upon leaving the house I had planned to venture to a gorgeous forest destination miles away, but once mum and I were on the road it was a race against the sun, so we threw a last minute right hand turn into the mix, and up the mountain we went. I don’t know about you, but I pray about everything, well almost everything. Small things, big things, tiny things – and as small or ‘insignificant’ as this might seem, my drive for excellence powered me to pray for guidance that I would find the perfect journey’s end for my pillow picnic.

Mum and I curled our way up the mountain, climbing higher and higher in search of sunlit spaces. The dips, bends and hair-pinned roads, of my old stomping ground, had me overflowing with inspiration and anticipation. With each inspired left, and with each prompted right, we went from bitumen to gravel, and back to bitumen again. With the flickering sun in our eyes as it strobed behind the trees, the road unraveled before us, the light broke free from the trees, and we pulled up at our spot—our beautifully secluded mountain-side grassy patch with a breathtaking view.

Before laying out my pillow picnic I paused for a long moment to feel the presence and stillness of the creation that surrounded us. As I lifted my head to look out on the panoramic world below, the street sign caught my attention—”Jasper Road”. We were on a road called Jasper. My perfect journey’s end. He guides me and gives me the desires of my heart because He knows I’ll see Him in the ‘small’ things…which amount to some of the biggest.

WALL OF : JASPER has a heart to be my God’s hands and feet. My desire is that everything I do lines up with His agenda and is a part of the big picture—my pillow picnic is a ‘small’ part of a much bigger picture.

Take your Hessian Collection cushions on an adventure of your own. Find your secret place, go there and find peace.

I have climbed that mountain countless times for my whole life, and I have never once been on Jasper Road, nor did I know it existed.

Photography & Styling by Jyselle Des-Forges

Jasper Road, Mt. Dandenong.





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