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Turning Over A New Leaf

The heart of the Wall of Jasper “Botanic Series” is to turn over a new leaf—meaning to set the captives free and give them a new life. My heart is for victims of human trafficking and sexual slavery. All profit from each and every cushion sales goes directly to “Daughter of Cambodia” who are in […]

Photography by Ryan Wheatley

Behind The Bliss

Imagine a world without slavery. Hard to imagine isn’t it? That’s because it’s hard to imagine the absence of something which you rarely see in the first place. It’s hidden, behind closed doors, in dark rooms, no one sees it—yet it’s the third largest international crime industry. I first saw this crime in Thailand, but it is everywhere. […]

Jasper Road

The Pillow Picnic

Rug, check. Wine, check. Candles, check. “This Present Darkness” by Frank E. Peretti, check. Mum, check. Pillows, check. A beautifully secluded mountain-side grassy patch with a breathtaking view…well, not yet—but little did we know, that’s what we’d find. Upon leaving the house I had planned to venture to a gorgeous forest destination miles away, but once mum and I […]

Photography and Styling by Amelia Beveridge and Tegan Thorneycroft

Design Adaptability

HESSIAN design makes for rough elegance and organic appeal. Its versatility is displayed in its ability to be the foundation canvas, to which one can build upon, or in its complementary look when used as the final touch to perfect the palette. The raw beauty in the strong fabric adds depth and texture to any space. Contrast heightens […]


It’s Only Natural

The eco-friendly nature of this humble, but stately, fabric is derived from the skin fibres of the Jute plant. Originally from India, the strong material has been made famous for its use in sacks, rugs and cloth—not the most glamorous of existences. WALL OF : JASPER takes what has been otherwise known as understated and plain, and brings you […]

Photography by Ryan Wheatley

Beauty From Ashes

Beauty from ashes, a new lease on life—this is the heart behind WALL OF : JASPER, and the theme behind the use of this humble fabric in the Hessian Collection. It’s about taking a fabric that has only been known as a cloth to be used and dispensed of when done with, and giving it […]

Swing With Me

Swing With Me

While the sun is still high and the air is crisp, go into the garden and find the biggest tree with the sturdiest branch reaching outwards. Take with you your wooden shipping pallet, some rope, a comfy throw rug, tealights in jars, lots of flowers, a stack of Hessian Collection cushions, and a good book—I […]